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Farah Architects is a well-established architectural and consulting engineering firm. The firm was founded in 2015 by architect Farah Haddad. The firm is currently headquartered in the Jordanian capital, and recruits a world class team of passionate and creative engineers. Farah Architects team combines a wide spectrum of engineering and construction skills. The team members com­bine together well over a decade of experience working on the biggest construction projects in Jordan. The skilled team allows the firm to take on both big and small projects, and handle various types of projects including architec­tural design, remodeling and more.

Farah Architects seasoned engineering team participates in the entire construction process. This process usually begins with surveying the land dimensions and its topography and will certainly include: property design illustrated 3D modelling, exterior design and landscaping, interior design, provide the construction floor plans and by conforms to the design exact specifications, and supervise the site through the entire process. The firm core role is to imagine and guide the process that brings the unique and often unexpected designs. The firm execute its work to have a positive impact on society, inspire exploration, evoke pride and elicit joy. Regard­less of the project size, our approach will turn complex and challenging, into beautiful solutions that reflect a sophisticated simplicity. We are very zealous to be innovative, and yet deliver design simplicity in its natural forms. We want to make a change, and improves people quality of living by creating the best work in the whole design process.