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Why Us

Four aspects are central to all our design solutions at Farah architects: quality of service, creativity, sustainability and communication.. these parameters define the inquiry process that shapes the architecture of Farah architects.

Quality of Service

Every aspect of a design, from the choice of materials to the physical and cultural context, is carefully considered to create an exemplary space


We are Creators of inspiring and intelligent design, Each project is an opportunity to create something astonishing & unique.


We work closely with clients & the design team to ensure that all aspects of sustainability are carefully considered throughout the brief & programme development


We put the dialogue with clients, users and stakeholders at the heart of the design process. We always take time to thoroughly analyze and explore your brief

Our Projects

From pre-concept ideas to auditing projects, from creating large-scale environments to designing a very small project.
Our talent and experience is diverse.

Design Process

  • Surveying the land dimensions and its topography.
  • After checking the client’s requirement and the land regulations, a property design illustrated by 3D modelling, exterior design and landscaping, interior design.
  • We gets the approvals from all formal organizations including the Jordan Engineers association, the civil defense and the great Amman municipality.
  • Make the structural and MEP design with coordination with the architectural design.
  • Provide a fully working drawings and details ready for construction that is worked within all the international specifications and standards.
  • Supervise the project and the site through the entire process

Our Philosiphy

Our commitment to design quality and spaces that work is matched by our design integrity, culture and attention to detail. Our architecture is about how people experience place and how place affects them.
Our work reconnects people with their environment through the careful manipulation of the sensual qualities of light, material and space. We create spaces that support and encourage the expression of contemporary life.